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one-on-one coaching to help you land your next job


A four-week job search acceleration program

Job Search Bootcamp is a four-week coaching program designed to help you accelerate your job search.

Work with me one-on-one to receive all of my best tips and tricks for finding, applying, interviewing, and accepting a job offer.

Job Search Bootcamp may be right for you if you are someone who:

  • Wants or needs a job in the next 2-3 months
  • Wants to take the next step in their career
  • May not be great at networking
  • Applies for jobs and keeps getting rejected
  • Took time away and is ready to reenter the workforce
  • Changed career fields

Every week in Job Search Bootcamp, we will meet via video for 60-90 minutes, and I’ll teach you how to find and apply for the right jobs for you.

We’ll use our time together to check in on your job search progress and figure out how to optimize your job search so that you get hired faster.

During Job Search Bootcamp, you will have unlimited email and text communication with me so that you can ask any questions you may have along the way.

Keep scrolling to see what we’ll cover each week.

How Job Search Bootcamp Works For You!

Invest $1499 → Get More Interviews → Get Job Offers → Change Your Life!



Week 1: Job Search Essentials

Get all of the essential documents you need to jump-start your job search.


Professional Resume Development

Your new professional resume will be a professionally written, results-based, and keyword-optimized resume that tells your unique story through your work experience and achievements. The modern design will include visually appealing formatting and proven to grab a hiring manager’s attention.

Linkedin Profile Development & Best Practices

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, no problem, I’ll create one for you. If you do have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll receive a custom audit and recommendations to help you jump to the top of the search list.

Professional Cover Letter

Introduce yourself as the best candidate for the position through a succinct and impactful cover letter that’s easy to customize for each job you apply for.

Digital Footprint Scrub

Once you apply for a job, the hiring manager will likely paste your email address and name into a search engine to find out more about you. Get peace of mind by knowing that your online presence is professional and reflects the best of you. This service includes a social media and search engine audit and provides you with recommendations for improvement.


Week 2: Search & Apply

Learn where to search for jobs and how to customize your resume to get more interviews. Plus, I search and send you jobs to apply for.


Resume Customization Training

I’ll show you how to customize your resume and cover letter for each position you apply for through a live demonstration. 

Get Job Links

You will receive 3-4 links to open jobs per week that align with your career goals and qualifications.

Finding Jobs

I’ll teach you my tips for finding new jobs that just opened up for applications.

Tracking Your Progress

You’ll receive a custom job tracker where we will keep track of your progress together.


Week 3: Interviewing

Everything you need to know about how to interview like a pro and get more offers.


Live Interview & Critique

I will interview you for a job of your choice and give you feedback on what you did well and where to improve.

Interviewing 101

Learn how to answer the top questions most asked by hiring managers and my tips for nailing the interview every time. 

Top Questions Notes

Get scripted notes for how to answer the top 5 most commonly asked interview questions. All notes are based on your experience.

Follow Up Scripts

You’ll receive scripts and guidance for when and how to follow up on your application.


Week 4: Negotiating & Onboarding

Learn how to negotiate an offer to maximize your salary and title, and learn how to set yourself up for success in your new job.


Negotiating An Offer

A step-by-step guide to accepting and negotiating an offer. Learn what you should and should not negotiate for and scripting for how to negotiate salary effectively.

Keeping Perspective

Being a new hire can be overwhelming. I’ll share my tips for overcoming your nerves and making the most out of your new job. 

Your First 60 Days 

Learn how to get off to a good start in your new role. We’ll cover my guidance on communicating with your boss and getting to know your new coworkers.

Graduation & Check-In

Congratulations! You have everything you need to land that dream job. Let’s take time to celebrate and schedule your 60-day check-in.

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you do not get an interview within six weeks of starting Job Search Bootcamp, I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.


Complete the form below to enroll in Job Search Bootcamp. Once you hit submit, you will receive an email within 24 hours to collect your payment and schedule your start date.

    Are you a returning Resume Revivalist client?


    Job Search Bootcamp gives you all the tools you need to find and land your dream job.


    The nitty-gritty details for inquiring minds

    How many jobs do I need to apply for during Job Search Bootcamp?

    You will be required to apply for at least three jobs per week beginning in week 2. 

    How will we keep track of where I am in the hiring process?

    As part of Job Search Bootcamp, you will be given a job tracker that you will be required to keep up to date. The job tracker will serve as the primary location for your job search activities and status.

    Can I take time off during Job Search Bootcamp?

    You may not take more than three consecutive days off during Bootcamp. The program will be intense and will require you to do a significant amount of work tailoring your resume and cover letter and applying for jobs. Please make sure that you can commit to the full four-week program when you sign up.

    What tools and software do I need to have?

    All Bootcampers are required to have a Gmail account and a desktop or laptop computer. All editing, communication, and job search tracking will be done using G Suite by Google. We will also communicate via video call using Google Meet. 

    What do I do if I have to reschedule a check in?

    Please give 48 hours notice via text or email if you need to reschedule a check in call.

    Will I have a job at the end of Job Search Bootcamp?

    While there is no guarantee that you will have a new job by the end of Bootcamp, you will have all of the information and tools you need in order to get a new job.

    Can I be dismissed from Job Search Bootcamp?

    Yes. When you sign up for Bootcamp you will agree to the Bootcamp rules. Failure to comply with these rules may results in your dismissal from Bootcamp. You will receive one written warning prior to dismissal.

    What are the Job Search Bootcamp rules?

      1. I agree to follow the guidance provided to me each week.
      2. I will apply for at least 3 jobs per week.
      3. I will keep my job search tracker up to date.
      4. I will not take more than 3 consecutive days off during this process. 
      5. I have a Gmail account. 
      6. I have a desktop or laptop computer.
      7. I will give 48 hours notice via text or email if I need to reschedule a check-in call.
      8. I understand that I am not guaranteed to have a new job by the end of Job Search Bootcamp.
      9. I understand that if I do not comply with one or more Job Search Bootcamp rules, I may be removed from the program immediately.


    Job Search Bootcamp is perfect for job candidates at every level

    Mid-Level Professionals

    Senior Individual Contributors

    Senior Management

    Senior Directors

    Executives & the C-Suite

    Career Changers


    Hear from former bootcampers


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