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I’m excited to introduce Job Search Bootcamp!

A new program that was developed just for you—my favorite job seekers and ladder climbers.

Here’s how it came to be.

What is Job Search Bootcamp?

In December 2019, I recruited three volunteers to join a eight-week job search program.

The program’s purpose was to figure out how I can better serve you in your quest to land your next great job.

As you probably know by now, having a great resume is only the first step in a series of steps you must take to find that next great job.

So I decided to put together this pilot program to work one-on-one with new clients seeking to take their career to the next level.

The response to my volunteer call was swift and strong, so I happily accepted four people into the program.

I’ll explain more about how we worked together further down in this post, but first, I want to share each participant’s incredible results.

Client 1 – Educational Publishing, 45 yrs old

Job situation

In 2017, this client’s manager notified her that the company wanted to move her from her current full-time role to a contract position. They also told her that the contract would end in the Fall of 2018.

Because she didn’t have another full-time job lined up, she took her manager’s offer to work on a contract basis for a few months. And she promptly decided to begin her job search.

Why she joined Job Search Bootcamp

She joined the program because she wanted to learn how to include contract positions on her resume and discuss them during an interview.

She also had tons of experience working in the same field, so she wanted to know how to get her resume down to one page.

Because she works in a niche career field, she also wanted to know where and how to find great positions to apply for.


During the very first week of Bootcamp, this client got an interview. We expedited the resume writing process because she had a job she wanted to apply for in mind.

It turns out that the job she had her eye on and interviewed for in that first week ended up being put on hold by the company.

She continued to apply and interview for great jobs in her field using what she learned in Bootcamp

I’m happy to say that today she is one of the top two candidates for her ideal position.

She’s just waiting on that job offer.

MARCH 2019 UPDATE: She got the job!

Here’s what she said about Job Search Bootcamp

“I’d recommend Job Search Bootcamp to anyone who wants to take their job hunt to the next level. Stefanie took me through every step of the way to cultivate the ideal job search. Her expertise, dedication, and mentorship are top-notch. From helping to craft the perfect resume to interview coaching, Stefanie gave me the personal attention to help me look at my job search with a fresh perspective.”

Client 2 – Medical Sales, 56 yrs old

Job situation

This client had a great corporate career that included a variety of sales and marketing jobs.

In 2003, she left the corporate world to start her own retail business.

After successfully owning and operating the business for several years, she decided to close it to spend more time with her teenage children.

Now that her kids are out of the house, she jumped back into the job market, eager to land a full-time sales position.

Why she joined Job Search Bootcamp

After taking so much time away from the corporate world, this client joined Job Search Bootcamp to learn more about writing her resume, interviewing well, and negotiating a job offer in today’s competitive job market.

Concerned with being passed over by hiring managers who may favor youth over experience, this client wanted to know how to put her more than 30 years of experience on a one-page resume.

She also wanted help with her LinkedIn profile and learning how to use it in her job search.


The primary focus during our time together was to make sure that she had all of the tools she needed for a successful job hunt.

That included a customizable resume and cover letter, a new LinkedIn profile, interviewing practice and scripts, offer negotiation tips and advice, job search trackers, and the most important thing—the confidence to get out there and find her ideal position.

To date, she has applied for several jobs in her field and has even decided to expand her job search beyond just medical sales.

Here’s what she said about Job Search Bootcamp

“I’d recommend Job Search Bootcamp if you are looking to make a career change or re-enter the job market. Stefanie was a wonderful coach – she listens well and gives insightful advice.  I was looking to update and streamline my resume and learn to navigate the new job search arena. My resume is now much more concise and impactful, and I now feel empowered to successfully navigate the process to a fulfilling new career. I can’t thank Stefanie enough for bolstering my confidence and marketability.”

Client 3 – Corporate Writing, 41 yrs old

Job situation

In 2017, this client left a corporate content writing job to pursue a nursing degree.

After a few months of coursework, she decided that field wasn’t for her, so she quit school and took up pet sitting full-time while she started her job search.

Why she joined Job Search Bootcamp

She wanted to figure out how to return to the corporate world and continue to develop her skills in writing & editing.

She also wanted to know how to position herself on a resume and explain the time gap during an interview.


Within the first two weeks of working together, she received multiple calls for interviews at the companies she had her eye on for a while.

She made it to the top two in her first round of interviews at two companies.

This week, she’s in final round interviews at her first choice company.

Fingers crossed for that job offer!

Here’s what she said about Job Search Bootcamp

“Stefanie helping me rewrite my resume was invaluable. Her insight and knowledge enabled me to create a resume I am proud of.”

Client 4 – Executive Assistant, 45 yrs old

Job situation

This client changed career fields three years ago and loves the work that she’s doing.

Unfortunately, she’s had a rough go of it with a very demanding boss, so she was ready to see what else was out there for her.

Why she joined Job Search Bootcamp

After putting off her job search for months and just making do with her bad boss, she decided to join Job Search Bootcamp.

She knew she needed something like this program to get the motivation to find a new job that would excite her to get up for work again.

In addition to motivational support from me, she also wanted to know how to write a great resume, given her more than 25 years of experience in two different career fields.

Because she was open to remote jobs, she also wanted help learning how to video interview.


She got an offer!!!

Within six weeks of joining Job Search Bootcamp, this client got a job offer.

Even though she ended up turning down the position because they couldn’t meet her salary requirements, she continued to apply what she learned in Bootcamp to her job search, and she’s had lots of interviews since.

Here’s what she said about Job Search Bootcamp

“If you’re struggling with how to get started in your search, then I recommend you join Bootcamp because it gives you ALL the tools necessary to help you find that right job. The number one thing I learned was how to customize my resume to fit the job description. Stefanie helped me to feel confident in myself about my resume, and she is readily available to help you find jobs, answer questions, and is a great resource with her handouts and links!”

You probably want to know how each client got these amazing results.

The truth is that these women got these results by committing to this program.

They showed up weekly and did the work required to get the best results—just like any other Bootcamp.

In addition to showing up, we followed a curriculum that I taught each of them face-to-face during our weekly check-ins.

They also had unlimited access to me during this time to ask questions and get advice.

Here’s what they received during each phase of Job Search Bootcamp.

What are the phases of Job Search Bootcamp?

Since beginning Bootcamp in 2019, I’ve reduced the time commitment from eight weeks to four weeks.

My clients and I have found that we can move at a much more accelerated pace in this job market because companies are moving faster in the hiring process.

You can learn more about what to expect each week during Bootcamp here.

How much does Job Search Bootcamp cost?

If you’re ready to make a job change this year, consider joining Job Search Bootcamp.

This program is 100% tailored to your needs and career aspirations.

I give you all the tools you need to find and land your next job.

The cost to enroll in Job Search Bootcamp is $1499, and I only take five clients per month.

If you’re interested in joining Job Search Bootcamp, complete the enrollment form here, and let’s get started!