Free Cover Letter Template

What is a Cover Letter?

The perfect cover letter consists of three parts: the intro, the results, and the call to action. This free cover letter template will guide you through writing each of those three parts. Your final cover letter will get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers and get you an interview.

See how these three parts come together to create the perfect cover letter.

INTRODUCTION: The introduction section of your cover letter should do two things. The first thing your cover letter should do is express your interest in the position. Cut right to the chase and let the recruiter know that this is a job you want. The second thing your cover letter should do is explain why you’re a unique candidate for the position. Demonstrate how your work experience sets you apart from all of the other job applicants.

RESULTS: The best way to demonstrate what you can do in the future is to show what you’ve done in the past. In the results section of your cover letter, add three bullet points that show what you’ve accomplished, how long it took you, and the business result.

CALL TO ACTION: It’s more likely that you’ll get someone to take action if you tell them what action to take. Make sure you close your cover letter by asking for what you want—an interview! 

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