If you’re a new employee, this video is for you! Full transcript below.

Hi everyone. First Timer on YouTube here. The client question that I had come in this week was:

How do I find the confidence to speak up when I’m a new employee? I’ve gotten praise a couple of times when I talk and I’m asked to share more, but I feel like no one cares what I have to say and I’m worried that I sound dumb.

So this is something that’s pretty common with new employees and I actually went through this myself, and I have gone through it with every single job that I’ve gotten because I am not really a natural extrovert. It takes me some time to warm up to my team, and to what I’m doing, and feel like I’m adding some sort of value.

Listening and Learning

So what I have found really helpful is to take the first three months or so and do a lot of listening and learning. So you’re still trying to figure out what it is they hired you for. Who the people are that are involved, and what projects you’re going to be working on. And generally what is the culture, and what is the company doing?

So that’s a lot to learn in the first three months on a job, so give yourself some time to just do a lot of listening and learning.

Start Adding Value

Then what I have done, is taken this approach where I will start to speak and add value when it’s my expertise, or when I’m specifically asked for sure, but also when I feel like there’s something in the conversation that might be missing, that I can provide some guidance or some value toward. That usually helps me to get my way in to the conversation, and get a little bit more familiar with the teams that I’m working with.

Give it Time

Then the last thing is really just kind of the way that I have built confidence over time is to give it a lot of time actually. You know relationships are not formed in an instant, they’re not formed overnight, and they change a lot. So when you’re thinking about how can I start talking more, or how can I have the confidence to speak up and get my point of view across, it really kind of comes down to building those relationships with your team so that you can feel confident to add your opinion and know that it’s going to be received in a safe space.

I mean most of us want to know that we’re part of the group. That we’re part of the team, and that what we say actually adds value and matters, so I think that if you kind of just take that approach that I’m going to take some time to listen and learn up front, I’m going to speak when I have a lot to add, and I’m going to work on relationship building as a way to build my confidence on the team, you’ll see a lot of success and it happens pretty quickly.

So you probably feel a little bit like an outsider if you’re a new employee, but by the time you hit that three or four month mark, you are going to be fitting right in with the team and off to the races.