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For this, the last week in 2018, I give you the gift of a lessons learned listicle.

This inaugural listicle (say it out loud, it’s fun!) focuses on the top 10 lessons I’ve learned this year about life, career, and figuring out how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

Thank you to all my incredible clients who have put their trust in me and taught me so much about how good it feels to help someone achieve their goals. What a wonderful journey it’s been so far and I can’t wait to see what we tackle together next year.


  1. Your life is not linear and neither is your career. Don’t expect a straight path, and practice patience when the path bends.
  2. We’re all scared that we won’t get picked. But, with time, we all get picked.
  3. If you want to make a change, it’s going to take effort. Put in the time and do the work. Over and over again. It’s worth it.
  4. The most influential person in your life, who is not a family member, is your boss. Treat that relationship with as much care as you possibly can.
  5. If you’re a people manager, remember that those who report to you were hired to do a job. Help them do it well by guiding them to success and giving them credit where credit is due. You can’t manage people if no one wants to work for you.
  6. Everyone wants to work at a place where they are seen and heard. If you’re not in a place like that, it’s time to go.
  7. Your career should support the life you want, not the other way around.
  8. Most of us don’t know how great we are until someone helps to remind us. That’s the power of a well-written resume. It uncovers information about you that sets you apart from everyone else.
  9. Your job is what you make it. There are miserable people working in San Diego and perfectly happy people working in Fargo. Choose your attitude every day.
  10. Remember that there are plenty of people who would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Take a breath and remind yourself that the next time things get tough.

If you’re looking to make a career change in 2019, set up a free intro call and learn where to start.